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Shattered Product Catalog

This is Shattered's Product Catalog, showcasing what we can offer our clients to provide apparel in their respective stores. When you click on any product to view its respective page, you will see the options available, like colors, sizes, and a detailed description. We offer "print styles" such as embroidery, direct-to-garment printing, and all-over-print printing (also referred to as cut-and-sew).

The pricing for each garment reflects the cost to you (with no profit markup). ** You can add your profit markup to calculate the total price to the customer. For example, if the t-shirt costs $12 and you want to make a profit of $5 on each t-shirt, you would charge $17 (what "your" customer would pay).

Please do not purchase (go through the shopping cart process) any items in this collection as we are using this as a type of digital catalog while we chat and decide what garments / apparel you will be adding to your store. Any purchases within this collection will be cancelled and refunded.

Please reach out to us on Twitter or via our "info" email (info <at> shattereddreamdesigns <dot> com) to set up your new store.

** Some product pricing can fluctuate based on additional options, like printing on the back, arms, hoods, and pockets of our apparel. All the items listed in our catalog are single-only (one side of the garment) printing, unless otherwise stated. 

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